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Committed to Excellence.

Defined by Performance.

As the global landscape of international commerce expands, Transcon is well positioned to provide exceptional customized service that harnesses the strengths of our network of providers and committed team of seasoned professionals. Launched in 1997, Transcon brings over 20 years of industry experience encompassing an ever expanding global reach.


Our mission is to establish the benchmarks of best practices for service in our industry. Our number one goal is to create and nurture strategic partnerships with our customers and their suppliers/factories throughout the world. We strive to identify and implement logistic solutions with an entrepreneurial approach that aligns with our goal of continuous improvement resulting in exceeding customer demands.


Our leadership team is comprised of industry experts on both sides of the Transpacific. With a highly diversified set of skills and experience, our team has the talent and proven track record of success to exhibit consistent mastery of all aspects within the very complex industry of international cargo transportation. We seek to extend our global footprint through optimizing our wealth of logistics experience, in-depth market knowledge and deep relationships with carriers and vendors.


At Transcon, our culture empowers and challenges team members to identify and execute solutions that provide value and expediency for our customers, and supply chain partners.


Need Tracking?

Whether you are looking to book a shipment, make a routine status update, or confirm proof of delivery — we want the process to be speedy and simple. Our tracking system provides the right combination of automation and personalization for your business.